Let me help you do more of what you LOVE

in your business


Dear Boss,

I know how it feels.  

It feels like you are treading water, barely keeping your head above the waves with only a scrap of wood to keep you afloat.   You started your business a few years ago and things were going swimmingly when you had a few awesome clients that you could easily juggle yourself.  It was smooth sailing, and then, word got out! Word spread that you bake amazing cakes, design amazing logos, plan incredible events, are the stylist the world has been waiting for, and things got crazy.  So here you are, trying to juggle #allthethings while also devoting love and attention to your craft. It feels like you are being pulled in a million different directions, it’s overwhelming. All you want is to be able to get back to a place where you feel like you're not treading water anymore.  I get it, let me throw you a life raft.  

I am a firm believer that your workflow, systems and processes are the foundation of your business.  

Your business is more than the craft you love. You have to find clients, qualify them, on-board them, create client timelines and make sure they run on schedule, and have some sort of follow up after it’s all over.  Oh, and don’t forget about that little thing called marketing! And all of that doesn’t include the actual thing that you love doing, the reason you started your business in the first place.

I am a huge fan of the phrase work smarter, not harder, and I can help you do exactly that.  

I serve my clients by helping them create systems, workflows and processes that increase their productivity and decrease the actual amount of time they spend on operational tasks. My goal is to get you doing more of what you love in your business by helping you run the operations side of your business with efficiency and ease.

Let’s work together and get you back on track to feeling in flow and in control!