Photo by Redwall Photography

Photo by Redwall Photography


My name is Courtney and I am a productivity junkie.  There is nothing I love more than systems and workflows that are efficient, clear, and easy.  I have always been someone who can easily spot ways that things can work more smoothly, I have a knack for it, and it is so rewarding to see it pay off for my clients.  I have been doing some form of process creation/overhaul for the past 10 years:

In college I wrote proposals and itineraries for the International Visitor Leadership Program in Chicago.  I created step by step itineraries for visiting dignitaries and influential business leaders. And when I say step by step, I mean it.  This was before Google maps on smartphones, so I literally wrote out step by step instructions for them to get from the airport to the hotel, the hotel to their meeting, the meeting to...you get the point.  My main job was to make the visiting VIP’s trip as efficient and impactful as possible.

I created and implemented systems and workflows for a start up food tour company in Puerto Rico that now has 4 locations and counting.  Working from the ground up gave me such a great appreciation for the hard work it takes to start a business and keep it running as smoothly as possible.

In the various corporate marketing position I’ve held, I have been the first person in a newly created role.  I was responsible for figuring out how the day to day of the position would flow, create workflows, and short term and long term goals.  The systems that I created were then passed on to those who would be in that role after me.

I owned a boutique high-end interactive dessert bar company in Chicago, where I brought my clients dessert bar visions to life.  I had the opportunity to work with amazing brides, large corporations and flagship retailers. I found myself most in my zone of genius when I was creating the workflows and managing my tasks from client inquiry to the actual dessert bar, it was my favorite part.  Well, that and eating lots of sweets!

Out of all of these experiences, owning the dessert bar company truly opened my eyes to the millions of things that business owners juggle every day.  As time went on, I realized that what I really loved about my business was the creation and implementation of processes and workflows. Yeah, the dessert part was great, but the part where I felt most in flow was doing the nitty gritty of the operational side, an area that a lot of creative business owners struggle with.  I realized that I could have a greater impact, and support all of the incredible small business owners out there truly thrive in their business by using this gift. My goal is to bring my clients flexibility, freedom and flow (my favorite F-bombs) and I do that through supporting them in the operational and logistical side of their business so that they can focus on what they love in their business.