Areas of Expertise


Client Journey

These are tasks that directly apply to how you work with your clients, from the time they fill out the lead form on your website to how you are releasing them from your workflow at the end of the project/relationship. My goal is to make this process as streamlined as possible so that you are not reinventing the wheel with each client. I can help you:

- Create contract, proposal and invoice templates that are plug and play for all your future clients

- Create email auto-responders and canned responses that are in line with your brand message

- Set up appointment and scheduling programs so that your clients can book time with you with ease

- Create questionnaires that help you qualify leads as they begin to engage with you

- Create workflows that help you stay on task with clients as projects progress

- Set up email funnels to engage with leads and guide them to a specific action you want them to take

- Create an exit strategy for releasing clients from your workflow to get the feedback you need and to help them stay engaged with you long term


General Business Tasks

Everything that doesn’t fall under your client relationships falls under this umbrella. What tasks are a breeze for you to do, and what tasks in your business do you avoid like the plague? Let’s automate those things as much as possible! I can help you:

- Set up task management systems that help keep you on track with your daily activities

- Streamline your day to day tasks to help you be more efficient

- Create workflows that allow you and your team to communicate efficiently and easily on the various tasks you need to complete

Working with Courtney has been one of the best business decisions I have made. Normally, I have a full schedule, but when we started working together I also happened to be in the middle of a book launch and was traveling. She handled every single detail of planning & setting up my launch funnel, as well as streamlining several systems I already had in place. Courtney is not only organized and able to clearly articulate the process, but she also considers future scenarios when making suggestions. I literally turned everything over to her and could focus on what I truly love to do. I know without a shadow of a doubt that not only did working with Courtney save me time and money, but also removed tasks off my plate that tend to leave me frustrated and overwhelmed
— Valerie Cap, The Nurturing Collective